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Dental Profits Insitute is a company that provides a wide range of services to our dental practice clients. One of the key aspects of our service is the utilization of both offensive and defensive tactics to help our clients succeed. Offensive tactics refer to strategies that focus on growth and expansion, while defensive tactics focus on risk mitigation and protection of your dental practice.

One of the ways that Dental Profits Insitute provides offensive tactics to our dental practice clients is through the provision of fractional CFO services. A fractional CFO is a part-time financial expert who works with dental practices on a contractual basis to help you manage your finances. With a Fractional CFO from Dental Profits Insitute, dental practices can receive strategic financial advice, improve your cash flow management, and optimize your financial operations to drive growth.

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On the defensive side, Dental Profits Institute provides tactics that focus on managing your overhead expenses to manage your cash flow and profitability. We offer a full suite of Tax Services and Bookkeeping Services to help dental practices manage their finances and minimize their tax liabilities. By ensuring compliance with tax laws and regulations, and optimizing their financial operations, dental practices can avoid costly penalties and fines and focus on delivering quality patient care.

Overall, Dental Profits Institute provides a comprehensive suite of services to help dental practices succeed, with a focus on both offensive and defensive strategies. By leveraging the expertise of Fractional CFOs, CMOs, and tax and bookkeeping professionals, dental practices can achieve their financial goals and grow their patient base, while minimizing risks and avoiding costly mistakes.

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Greg Johnson Bio

Greg is a founding partner of Dental Profits Institute. Greg has spent time in over 250 dental practices across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia providing financial analysis, and best business practices, and helping develop growth plans for independent dental practice owners. This has given Greg a unique perspective on how dental practices operate and allows him to provide valuable expertise in financial operations for the dental practices he works with.

He has a background in tax strategy and tax planning as well as helping dental practices maximize profit and increase margin and growth in all specialties of the dental industry.


Bubba Cook Bio

Bubba is an innovator and entrepreneur with 45 years of Accounting, Business Ownership and Financial Management Consulting and Coaching experience.

He has worked with over 300+ Dental Practices across the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada with a focus on Financial Margins, Cash Flow Management, Practice Overhead Management and Profit Maximization.

Bubba has trained Doctors and Team leaders on how to diagnosis financial and operational challenges based on financial and operational data and to develop action plans to address challenges identified. Bubba is a former practicing CPA with Price Waterhouse with 9+ years of diverse public accounting experience serving as Audit Manager for companies ranging from large multinational companies to smaller companies.

With so much knowledge and experience in the field, Bubba is guaranteed to bring value to you and your practice.

Dave Ware Bio

Dave Ware brings over 35 years of marketing and management knowledge to the Dental Profits Institute team. Dave’s experience was gained by working for some of the top broadcast companies in the nation, including Dunn & Bradstreet, Katz Communications, Paramount Television, Emmis Television, The Washington Post, and Sinclair Broadcasting. Dave was on the ground floor of the development of one of the nation’s first television news websites, Local 6 in Orlando, Florida. He is passionate about marketing and guiding clients in their choice of delivery systems.

Dave’s contacts in the industry and his vast knowledge of communications are great assets for Dental Profits Institute’s clients.



Kelsey is an enthusiastic, dedicated, and passionate consultant with the Dental Profits Institute. She has been in the dental field for over 10 years from working chair side to developing dental teams and companies. Starting as a sterilization tech in high school, she pursued a career as a Dental Assistant and eventually became the General Manager of a large multi-location dental office. This has given Kelsey extensive experience in all departments within a practice, focusing mainly on increasing profitability and motivating team members to perform at their highest level.

Kelsey can’t wait to bring her passion for the industry, strategic planning, and analytical skills to your practice.


dental profits institute
dental profits institute

Grace Bermejo Operations and Analytics

Jennifer Bulawan Special Projects Coordinator

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