What is Profit First?

Profit First is a behavior-based management system that works with your existing habits instead of forcing you to form new ones. It makes saving money more fun than spending it. Most importantly, when implemented properly Profit First not only guarantees your business’s profitability, it also ensures you are compensated fairly and that you never have to worry about making your tax payment again.

The Profit First concept is documented in the best-selling book Profit First: Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine by Mike Michalowicz, and the methodology has been implemented by more than 600,000 businesses worldwide.


Clinical Director Services

At Dental Profits Insitute our Clinical Director will lead efforts to enhance the existing operating infrastructure of your practice, enabling an environment of growth.

The Clinical Director will provide monthly management over clinical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), along with a strategic planning for near- and long-term practice goals. The Clinical Director will also develop and direct your practice’s performance metrics to ensure adequate and timely information is available to our client.

The Dental Profits Insitute Clinical Director also offers the following services:

  • Tracking and accountability for your clinic’s KPIs.
  • Proven scheduling solutions, to ensure your production-per-hour goals are not only achieved but increased.
  • Incentive plans, based on profit margin that will drive results in all areas of your practice.
  • Job descriptions, designed specifically for your practice, that will create role clarity and increase your revenue.
  • Assistance in creating an onboarding process for all your team members.
  • Insurance Evaluations and assisting you in negotiating fees and dropping insurance plans that are not profitable for your practice.
  • Tracking and training on Case Presentation, with personally designed solutions for following up on unscheduled treatments.
  • Increase patient retention rates by developing a Retention and Reactivation Plan designed for your practice.
  • Increase new patient numbers by increasing customer service ensuring a great patient experience.
  • Monthly Zoom meetings to make sure your team is on track with achieving your practice goals.
  • Increase revenue by maximizing your team’s efforts and efficiency.
  • Increase your team’s engagement and retention with incentive programs and job descriptions specifically tailored for your practice.
  • Develop and train a multi-level leadership team.

Fractional CMO Services

A Fractional Chief Marketing officer (CMO) service is an emerging trend in the corporate world that is becoming increasingly popular due to the numerous advantages it offers. A Fractional CMO provides the same expertise and services as a full-time Chief Marketing Officer, but at a fraction of the cost. This allows your practice to access experienced CMOs on an as-needed basis, rather than making long-term commitments or hiring a full-time executive. The Fractional CMO model can be especially beneficial for small businesses and start-ups that cannot afford the high salaries associated with full-time CMOs.

The Dental Profits Insitute Fractional CMO works with your business to develop tailored strategies to improve your practice’s marketing efforts, both internal and external. These strategies may include brand awareness initiatives, lead generation campaigns, digital media plans and more. Our Fractional CMO will assist your practice in crafting your overall marketing strategy, coordinate with other departments within your organization and will keep track of your progress and performance. This allows your dental practice to focus your resources on the marketing initiatives that will have the most impact, while keeping your marketing budget under control.  In addition, our Fractional CMO can provide valuable insights and advice on how to remain competitive in today’s digital landscape.

In short, the Dental Profits Insitute Fractional CMO model represents a highly efficient and cost-effective way to tap into the knowledge and expertise of a professional CMO, without the commitment of a full-time hire.